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NAV/Unit (as at Sept 18/20):

  • Class A:   $150.7266
  • Class D:   $156.6788
  • Class F:   $159.9849


Fund Description 

The MM Fund is a traditional long-only mutual fund that can be purchased for investment accounts, RSPs, TFSAs, etc. at most Canadian brokers.

The Fund invests utilizing a "core and more" approach. The core portfolio consists of sustainable high yielding or dividend paying Canadian equity securities and, to a lesser extent, real estate investment trusts, convertibles, debt securities, preferred shares and U.S. equity securities.

The "more" consists of equity and debt, plus potentially warrants, small and micro capitalization stocks, that will likely have more volatility but a higher potential for capital gains. We will focus on inexpensive secular growth securities or beaten down stocks that have turnaround potential, because of new management, or because of an improvement in their macro-economic factors. We may also look to shorter-term event driven trading opportunities around, for instance, earnings, politics, war, famine, scandal, seasonality, apathy, etc.

Investments will mostly be made in Canadian equity securities and, to a lesser extent, debt securities and U.S. equity securities. The holdings in the core portfolio will typically be held for longer periods. See Simplified Prospectus, Annual Information Form and Fund Facts for full details.

Fund Details
Strategy 'Core and more'
Fund Risk Classification Medium
Fundserv codes Class A: SPA520
Class D: SPA522 (discount brokers only)
Class F: SPA521 (fee-based advisors only)
RSP Eligible Yes
Subscription Frequency Weekly, on the last business day of each week
Minimum Investment C$500 initial and C$100 thereafter
Management Fee Class A: 2.00% per annum (incl. 1.00% pa trailer fee to advisors)
Class D: 1.25% per annum (incl. 0.25% pa trailer fee to discount brokers)
Class F: 1.00% per annum (fee-based advisors only)
Incentive Fee
10% of the return in excess of the return on the TSX Composite Total Return Index, crystallized quarterly
Up-front Sales Charge Class A: up to 5%, as agreed between the investor and their advisor
Class D: none (discount brokers only)
Class F: none (fee-based advisors only)
Lock-up Period None
Redemption Notice 1 business day
Redemption Frequency Weekly, on the last business day of each week
Short Term Trading Fee 2% if redeemed within 30 days
Portfolio Manager/Investment Fund Manager/Trustee Spartan Fund Management Inc.
Prime Broker/Custodian Laurentian Bank Securities Inc.
Auditor Deloitte LLP
Fund Administrator SGGG Fund Services Inc.
Independent Review Committee  William Woods, Chair
Sue Bochner
Rod Seyffert
Inception Date July 14, 2015




























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For more information on the MM Fund, please contact your investment advisor.  If you do not have an investment advisor, please contact us.

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