Investment Objectives & Strategies

At Spartan we believe that there are many factors in addition to investment returns that need to be considered by investors when analyzing an investment. For example, return objectives are not meaningful for an investor if we are only able to deliver those returns when the market is trending upwards. As well, few investors can tolerate extremely volatile returns even if the returns generated are very high. Accordingly, we believe it is important to consider a number of objectives such as returns, risk (volatility and drawdowns) and correlation to equity indices when making an investment decision.

Each fund in Spartan has their own unique investment strategies and objectives which are trying to capture specific opportunities in the market.  Please see the detailed monthly performance reports found under the Funds link above or contact us for more information.

"THE HOPLON" The sturdy Spartan shield sheltered the individual, and his fellow soldiers in their tightly packed phalanx. This strategic protection was integral to success.