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Investment Objective & Strategies

    The Fund's investment objective is to achieve attractive absolute rates of return that are generally uncorrelated with global equity indices.

    To achieve this objective, the Fund employs a systematic trading program comprised of three elements:
  • an actively managed portfolio comprised of a broad spectrum of worldwide financial and non-financial futures contracts, including, but not limited to, contracts on short-term interest rates, bonds, currencies, stock indices, energy, metals and agricultural commodities utilizing the Sub-Adviser's proprietary systematic trading strategies (the "Futures Strategies");
  • an actively managed portfolio of publicly traded securities and stock index futures contracts (the "Equity Market Neutral" strategy);
  • a portfolio of cash equivalents, U.S. government securities and other short-term, high grade debt securities
  • See Offering Memorandum for full details.


    The Fund is sub-advised by FORT, L.P., an investment management firm founded by Dr. Yves Balcer and Dr. Sanjiv Kumar in 1993. Prior to founding FORT, Drs. Balcer and Kumar held senior portfolio management roles at the World Bank, where they managed a $25 billion global bond porfolio. FORT currently has over 50 professionals based in Washington, D.C. area and New York City. 


    • Monthly return estimates are circulated by e-mail on the 3rd business day of each month. If you want to be added to the e-mail list, please complete the form on the left.
    • Monthly performance reports are posted on-line by the 4th business day of each month (see Current Monthly Report above).
    • Final weekly prices are determined within 5 business days of each valuation date and are distributed electronically to brokerage firms so that they can update their on-line client statements.


    Fund Details
    Strategy Global markets & US equity market neutral
    Investor Eligibility Accredited investors only
    Fundserv code Class A: SPA1600
    Class F: SPA1602 (fee-based advisors only)
    RSP Eligible Yes
    Subscription Frequency Weekly, on the last business day of each week
    Subscription Notice
    2 business days
    Minimum Investment C$ 25,000
    Currency Canadian dollars
    Management Fee Class A: 2% per annum (incl. 1% trailer fee to advisors)
    Class F: 1% per annum (fee-based advisors only)
    Performance Fee 20% accrued monthly and crystallized quarterly
    High Water Mark Yes, no reset
    Lock-up Period None
    Redemption Frequency Weekly, on the last business day of each week
    Redemption Notice 2 business days
    Early Redemption Fee None
    Advisor/Trustee Spartan Fund Management Inc.
    Sub-Advisor Fort, L.P.
    Bank Royal Bank of Canada
    Auditor KPMG LLP
    Fund Administrator SGGG Fund Services Inc.
    Legal Counsel McMillan LLP
    Inception Date April 17, 2020























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    For more information on FORT, please contact your investment advisor. If you do not have an investment advisor, please contact us.

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