Spartan Fund Management Inc., established in 2006, is a Toronto-based investment management company that specializes in niche investment strategies managed by experienced investment managers with proven track records.

Spartan's infrastructure adheres to institutional standards with independent risk management and compliance, and well-known third party service providers.  This allows our investment management teams to focus on investing and provides investors with the comfort that their money is being managed to the same standard as larger funds.

Institutional Edge: Our Competitive Advantage

The vision in creating Spartan, and our edge, is to hire experienced investment managers with proven track records in niche investment strategies. Many of Spartan’s investment management team previously worked within an institutional framework, where they were judged by their performance on a day-to-day basis.  Many of these investment strategies have finite capacity because opportunities are typically limited. Bringing this group of money managers together within an investment fund structure gives Spartan a significant edge, which our investors benefit from.

Preservation of Capital

Many of the investment professionals that we hire consider the preservation of capital to be as important as performance. Avoiding large losses is invaluable, not just for our client’s peace of mind but for their returns as well. Making money in good times is relatively easy. Limiting the amount of losses during bad times is key to creating long term wealth.

A Stake in Our Funds

Many of the employees of the firm are – and will remain – significant investors of the various funds that we manage.  In order for Spartan to launch a new fund, the team of investment professionals dedicated to that fund often invest a substantial portion of their net worth in such fund.

Governance and Infrastructure

Governance and infrastructure are paramount in everything that we do. Each member of our senior management team has over 20 years experience in the capital markets area covering all key areas in wealth management – trading, operations, risk management and compliance. We follow a broad range of “best practices” which we think are pivotal to the operation of any money management firm. One simple, but crucial, example: we believe that it is important that compliance and risk officers operate at arms-length from the investment function in order to ensure separation of duties, to eliminate conflicts of interest and to provide inherent objectivity within the firm.

"AGOGE" Male Spartans participated in rigorous training and education from age 7-29. The agoge imparted males with loyalty, military proficiency, discipline and survival techniques.