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Fund Performance – Monthly Report»

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year TSX TRI Hurdle
2017 -1.28% -0.48% +2.24% +1.44% -0.85% -1.08% -2.16e% -2.21%e +0.67% +2.01%
2016 +0.34% +3.69% -3.01% +0.09% -1.48% +1.83% +0.40% +1.73% +10.61% +2.36%

Note: Fund launched June 1, 2016, “e” above indicates estimate. Returns are for Class A shares – Management Fee 2% pa, Performance Fee 20% of returns in excess of CAD 90-day T-bills + 3.50% pa, Operating Expenses capped at 50 bps pa. 


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Fund Description

The investment objective of the Resilient Canadian Equity Trend Fund is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns, with low volatility and low correlation to its benchmark, the S&P/TSX Total Return Index.

The Resilient Canadian Equity Trend Fund seeks to achieve this objective by following a systematic, non-discretionary quantitative trading strategy focused on entering into long and short positions in only S&P/TSX issuers. The Fund will use a specific set of parameters and constraints which are based on each security's historical price pattern and volatility to enter and exit positions. The investment strategy of the Canadian Equity Trend Fund may be broadly characterized as a systematic trend following strategy. The Fund may use leverage to further enhance the Fund’s overall return.

Fund Manager

Kevin Vandermeer | Mobile: (647) 535-7050

Resilient Canadian Equity Trend Fund is managed by Kevin Vandermeer. Kevin has more than 17 years of industry experience and is a former Lipper and Top Gun award winner who previously co-managed $3.7bn at one of Canada’s largest banks.

Sales Contact

Gary Ostoich | Office: (416) 601-3171

Investor Documents

Click on the relevant link below to download the document for the Resilient Canadian Equity Trend Fund:

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 Fund Details
Strategy  Systematic trend following
RSP Eligible  Yes
Subscription Frequency  Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Investor Eligibility  Accredited investors only
Currency  C$
FundSERV Codes,
Management Fees and
 Management Fee
2.00% pa1
1.00% pa 
1include 1% p.a. trailer fee to advisors
Performance Fee  20%
Hurdle  90 Day T-bills + 3.50%
High Water Mark  Yes.  No reset.  Crystallized quarterly
Lock-up Period  None
Redemption Frequency  Monthly, on the last business day of each month
Redemption Notice  7 calendar days
Early Redemption Fee  4% if redeemed within 6 months
Manager  Spartan Fund Management Inc.
Trustee  Equity Financial Trust Company
Prime Broker  Interactive Brokers
Fund Administrator  SGGG Fund Services Inc.
Auditor  Deloitte LLP
Legal Counsel  Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Inception Date  June 1, 2016

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